Reparations: Germany’s debt and duty, Israel’s challenge - opinion


By: Zvi Gill


If the ministers of the Israeli government participated in the Slichot prayers on Yom Kippur, among the dozens of Slichot, in the order of confession, there are two that deserve attention. One, for a sin which we have sinned before God in short shortsightedness and the other – of ignorance...

... In early 2021, Holocaust survivors and organizations filed a petition to the Supreme Court. The petition was delivered by attorney Gilad Sher, one of the most prominent jurists in the field of commercial, public, and administrative law, on behalf of 19 petitioners, individuals and organizations. The petitioners sought to oblige the state of Israel to explain why it does not officially and diligently address the German government regarding the missing third of the Reparations Agreement.

Eight months later, after numerous requests for extensions, the government responded: the petitioners have no grounds to demand the Court’s intervention.

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