Adv. Guy Zamir
   'No' is a reaction, not a position. The people who react negatively to your proposal simply need time to evaluate it and adjust their thining. With the passage of sufficient time and repeated efforts on your part, almost every 'no' can be transformed into a 'maybe' and eventually a 'yes' - Herb Cohen

Guy specializes in commercial and corporate law, including high-tech, real estate transactions, and commercial litigation.

Adv. Zamir provides ongoing legal counsel to various commercial, local and international entities. In addition, Guy represents real estate contractor companies, entrepreneurs and private entities in large real estate transactions. 

Adv. Zamir also handles commercial litigation cases and a wide variety of legal conflicts on behalf of the firm's corporate clients.


Languages: Hebrew and English. 

  • Bachelors of Law, College of Law and Business, Cum Laude, (LL.B).
  • Masters in Commercial Law, Tel-Aviv University, (LL.M).
  • Intellectual Property Course, Oxford University.
  • Financial statements and Income Tax Law Extension, Israeli Bar Association.
Bar Admition
  • Guy is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2014.