Administrative and Municipal Law

The firm counsels public entities, municipalities and municipal bodies, and specializes in ongoing counseling for such bodies. In this respect, we guide the various organs of said entities, including the executive management, elected management entities, tender committees and other organs.
The firm has an in-depth familiarity with municipal bodies and municipalities, governmental corporations and municipal and semi-municipal corporate involvement. The firm deals with regulations applicable to these bodies pursuant to local law.

Furthermore, the firm represents clients in administrative litigation in connection with tenders, planning and zoning and class action suits against municipal bodies.

Representation of the Government and Government Companies. The firm represents government ministries in tenders and litigation cases. Amongst our clients, we represent the Prime Minister’s Office in tenders, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transportation in the framework of the Light Train Project in Jerusalem as well as additional governmental bodies.
Furthermore, the firm represents governmental corporations and other companies in the framework of day-to-day governmental and municipal maintenance.

Tenders. The firm is highly involved in the field of tenders , including representation of public, governmental and municipal bodies in preparing tenders, supervision and reviewing of tender committees and administrative litigation in the field of tenders. Our team has vast experience in complex PPP, BOT and PFI tenders as well as representation of governmental and private entities.

Municipalities and Municipal Entities. The firm represents municipalities and municipal bodies in all aspects of their work, including ongoing counseling in the framework of projects and tenders, and administrative litigation in the fields of tenders, municipal property tax, administrative debt collections and more.

Public Bodies. The firm also represents additional public bodies which are subject to administrative law, such as hospitals, colleges for higher education and statutory bodies funded by the government.

Administrative Litigation. The Litigation Department of the firm represents public bodies, organizations and private plaintiffs in administrative claims as well as class action suits submitted by the firm in connection therewith.

Planning and Zoning – Administrative Aspects. The firm represents entrepreneurs and public bodies in the field of planning and zoning, including appeals and administrative claims.

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