Tenders, Infrastructure & Project Finance


The firm is highly involved in the field of tenders, including representation of public, governmental and municipal bodies in preparing tenders, supervision and reviewing of tender committees and administrative litigation in the field of tenders and representing private entities participating in public tenders.

Our team specializes in PPP, BOT and PFI tenders, both in representation of the government as well as representation of private entities. Tenders of this type mainly involve large facilities and infrastructure and complex transportation projects.

Conducting Tenders. The firm counsels public bodies which are legally obliged to hold tenders, including government ministries, municipal bodies, hospitals and institutions of higher education. We review the tenders on behalf of said entities which may include review of declaration or competition documents, determination of threshold conditions, criteria for selecting the winners of the tenders and drafting the applicable contractual agreements.

Review of Tender Committees. We assist our clients in review of the discussions in the tender committees, examination of compliance with the threshold conditions of the tenders and selecting the winning bids.

Guiding of Bidders in Tenders. Our firm is highly competent in coordinating the preparatory procedures of the proposals of those participating in the tenders, analyzing of the conditions of the tender – economic and legal, and the criteria assigned to selecting the winning bid. We guide the clients in said stages of gathering together the contending group, including the internal documents required as well as representation of private entities appealing the decisions of the tender committees.

Administrative Litigation in the Field of Tenders. Within the firm, we have a team that handles administrative litigation, including tenders, whether as representatives of tender committees or private entities appealing the decisions of the tender committees.

PPP, BOT PFI – The firm specializes in tenders of this type and in all aspects of project financing. Our office has a great deal of experience in BOT tenders in the field of transportation and  in additional fields. In tenders of this type, we represent both the commissioning party, which is the public - governmental sector, as well as elements from the private – business sector, which commonly compete in tenders of this type. In this framework, we assist the relevant bodies from the initial stages of drafting the tender, the selection stages, and through to the signing of the contracts and the financial closing.

Mechanical Engineering Equipment – The firm represents contractors as well as suppliers in the field of heavy mechanical engineering equipment, leasing agreements, mortgage and insurance as well as representing the contractors and suppliers in litigation in connection therewith.

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