The firm handles cases in all legal tribunals and frameworks in the civil and in the administrative fields, including in the courts, in arbitration proceedings, in mediation proceedings and semi judicial bodies. In the civil sector, the firm mainly deals with commercial claims and class action suits.

Commercial and Contractual Claims. The firm represents large bodies in Israel and abroad, in commercial and contractual claims and in disputes between shareholders.

Second Opinion at the Appeals Stage. Many cases are received by the litigation department at the appeals stage, usually after the client has lost in the first round of legal proceedings. We examine such cases and provide the client with a second opinion concerning the chances of appeal. The firm represents numerous clients in appeal proceedings, with the aim of overturning the verdict of the first round of legal proceedings.

Injunctive Relief. The firm has accumulated a great deal of experience in submitting special requests for injunctive relief both in Israel and abroad, which may be required for the effective management of claims, in the framework of which requests for temporary remedy may be submitted.

Land-Related Claims. Our firm represents claims relating to land, e.g. proprietorship claims and construction defects.

Local Authorities. The firm represents local authorities in all types of claims, including various commercial claims (e.g. supplier claims) and administrative claims (e.g. appeals connected with tenders, appeals connected with municipal property tax, administrative debt collection and more). We also represent the local authorities in labor law matters.

Class Action Suits. The firm deals with class action suits and has accumulated experience in defending large bodies and municipal entities in class action suits filed against them. Furthermore, the firm has handled class action suits filed by individuals against corporations and other entities.

Slander and Defamation of Character. Our firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in slander and defamation of character cases, including representation of public figures in this regard.

Ranked in Globes DUN'S 100 2014