Pro Bono


Pro bono activities and services have been provided by the firm since its founding and are an integral part of its objectives. The firm has set for itself the goal of being involved in society and public activity, pro bono cases and to act for the advancement of social objectives. The firm operates with a commitment to the community and to society and takes upon itself diverse voluntary activities as an integral part of its activities.

We provide pro bono legal counseling and are involved in the activities of numerous bodies and among them, the Non-Profit for the Shell-Shocked, the Released Prisoners of the War of Independence and the Yom Kippur War, the Forum of Battalion, Brigade Commanders and Reserve Pilots, the “New HaShomer” Organization, the family of Gilad Shalit, the “Blue White Future”, the Human Rights Association, “Shiba Non-Profit – Center for Zionism”, SHILUV Institute, the Non-Profit for Advancement of Education in the Spirit of “Keshet”, “Shira Hadasha”, “Bezechut”, “Bimkom”, the Press Council, the Non-Profit for Rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired Children (AV Israel), the refugees in Gan Levinsky and more.


Non-Profit Organizations, Entities for the Benefit of the Public and Social Businesses


The firm has extensive experience in the field of non-profit organizations and entities for public benefit, including non-profit organizations and companies for public benefit of a professional nature (which typically have relatively large budgets) as well as smaller non-profit organizations traditionally belonging to the third sector in the field of human rights, the theater world and the arts, music, education and more.

In this framework, our team provides ongoing counseling to various non-profit bodies, including counseling of the management of such non-profit bodies in their day-to-day actions and activities in the specific framework of which they operate.

Social Businesses and Social Investments. The firm handles the unique field of social businesses and social investments, a field with business attributes for the benefit of society. This is a new and developing area in the world and has received recognition also by the Israeli legal system, inter alia, in the establishment of a fund for social businesses. 

Establishment of Non-Profit Organizations. The firm deals with the establishment of non-profit organizations and companies for public benefit. We provide counseling prior to the actual establishment stage in order to obtain the desired operation by the client and thereafter draft the specific charter documents required for such entities, and execute the procedures that will ensure the granting of certification of proper management therefor.

Companies for Public Benefit and Large Non-Profit Organizations. The firm provides counseling for especially large non-profit organizations (with substantial financial budgets). Some of these non-profit organizations are subject to the regulations of administrative law tenders law and additional regulation.

Hospitals and Statutory Bodies. The firm counsels additional bodies that are statutory corporations or operate as independent bodies even though they are incorporated by law (such as hospitals). Counseling by the firm is provided on an ongoing basis, as well as on a per case basis, including contractual agreements (usually in the framework of tenders law) and litigation in the administrative and civil fields.

Social Organizations. The firm provides legal counseling to various social organizations, including in the framework of its pro bono activities.

Non-Profit Organizations for Education and Arts. The firm provides ongoing counseling for non-profit organizations dealing with the various arts (theater, multi-disciplinary theater, dance and more) as well as education (e.g. schools).
The partners of the firm play an active role in the framework of senior positions in non-profit organizations. The partners in the firm are appointed to senior positions in non-profit organizations and serve as chairpersons, members of management committees and even in executive roles in various non-profit organizations.