Media, Foreign Press


The firm specializes in legal work Vis à Vis journalists and media. We represent the Foreign Press Association in Israel, which represents all media and journalists operating in Israel and the Middle East, central news agencies, foreign television networks and other communications corporations.

Maintaining Freedom of the Press and Journalists’ Rights. The firm represents various entities in the media field, mainly foreign journalists with respect to their status, receipt of press credentials, passage to the Palestinian Authority area, maintenance of journalist privileges and more. Furthermore, our firm represents such entities in handling incidents of violence and supervising their relations with the police and other security forces.

Assistance to the Media in Connection with Ongoing Legal Matters and Labor Law. Our firm assists entities in the media field in connection with renting offices, acquisition of communications services from suppliers, granting of work permits for operating in Israel, regulation of work relations with employees and freelancers and any other matters required with day-to-day activities of these entities in Israel.

Intellectual Property, Preservation of a Person’s Good Name and Slander Suits. Many years of work by the firm with the media has resulted in specialization in fields contiguous to copyrights and slander suits.

Understanding International Law including Laws Applying in the Territory of the Palestinian Authority. The fact that foreign journalists operating in Israel operate both in Israel and the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip and in many cases also in neighboring countries has resulted in our firm specializing in laws applying within the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip. We assist journalists and the networks to adapt their activities to the applicable laws.

The Journalists Association in Jerusalem. For many years now, the firm has represented the Journalists Association of the Israel Broadcasting Authority mainly in connection with employer-employee relations


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