Labor Law


Counseling for Employers. The firm represents employers and provides ongoing counseling which includes drafting personal and collective employment contracts, conducting of negotiations with the workers’ representatives and the workers themselves, management of labor disputes, outlining of labor law, remuneration and salary policies, and termination of employment procedures.
The firm assists in acquiring work permits for foreign employees, and specializes in assistance to foreign employers in complying with the local labor laws in Israel.

Employee Representation. The firm represents workers’ unions and organizations in collective labor disputes and drafting of collective agreements, and has accumulated extensive experience in negotiations and representation in the Labor Courts in connection with collective agreements. In addition, the firm represents employees in negotiations of their employment agreements and advises them on methods of remuneration and employee rights and social benefits.

Transfer of Control and Structural and Organizational Changes. Another area of expertise of the firm is advising employers and employee organizations in the framework of a corporate transfer of control, re-organization process, dissolution and other structural changes of the employer.

Representation in the Labor Courts. The firm represents its clients in the Labor Courts,  the Courts of Appeal (the National Labor Court and the Supreme Court) and before semi judicial office-holders in the realm of enforcement of Labor Laws (Commissioner of Employment of Women, Employment Committees for Reserve Soldiers, Administration for Regulation and Enforcement at the Ministry of Economics and more).
Specific experience has been accumulated by the firm in management of procedures of all types, including complex procedures and combined claims, as well as receipt of compensation for non-monetary injuries (mental distress, unlawful termination) and in matters concerning dismissal and/or change in employment conditions for pregnant women.

DUN'S 100 Mark of Excellence 2015