Real Estate and Planning & Zoning


The Real Estate Department of the firm provides a full range of services to entrepreneurs, contractors as well as to purchasers and investors in profit yielding commercial real estate, as well as in the fields of construction, purchase and rental for residential purposes, including urban renewal procedures, National Outline Plan (NOP) 38, evacuation-construction programs, change of land purpose procedures and more.

Planning and Entrepreneurial Stage. The firm assists the client from the initial stage of planning and entrepreneurship, and initiation of urban construction plans, review of planning procedures, objections and appeals and also deals with the legal aspects of entrepreneurial contracts and purchase agreements of land rights and provides legal services vis à vis the financing bodies including banks and insurance companies.

Property Purchase and Sale Agreements, Profit Yielding Real Estate. The firm deals with purchase and sale agreements for apartments and houses. The office specializes in purchase and sale agreements for profit yielding commercial real estate.

Contractor Companies. The firm guides entrepreneurs and contractors in drawing up implementation and project management contracts as well as review of tenders.

Urban Renewal Procedures NOP 38/2, NOP 38/1, Evacuation-Construction and More. Another expert field of the firm is legal services provided in connection with urban renewal, NOP 38, projects of evacuation-construction, changes of lan purpose, etc. In these matters, the firm represents entrepreneurs and contractors, as well as residents. In addition, the firm deals with objections and planning and construction procedures both on behalf of contractors and entrepreneurs, as well as objecting residents.

Planning and Construction, Claims According to Section 197. The firm specializes in representation and appearance before local committees for planning and construction, regional committees, sub-committees as well as district committees for planning and construction in connection with planning, building permits, improvement taxes and compensation and recompense as a result of planning procedures.

Registration and Classification of Contractors. Registration and classification of contractors is yet another field of specialization of the firm Vis à Vis the Registrar of Contractors in all matters connected with the classification and registration of contractors. In this framework, we represent clients in the district appeals committees of the Registrar of Contractors and administrative appeals against the decisions of the appeal committees and the Registrar of Contractors.

Implementation. All applicable procedures required for the implementation of projects on the property are carried out by the firm, including registration of land cooperation agreements, registration of cooperative residences, etc.

Real Estate Litigation Services. The firm represents real estate clients in the courts, both in connection with labor laws as well as commercial agreements regarding real estate and damages claims against contractors, project managers and service providers. Litigation Department.


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