Technology & High-Tech


The High-Tech department of the firm provides legal counseling to start-up companies, investors, entrepreneurs, capital venture funds and incubators, from the initial incorporation stages (pre-seed and seed) through to the later stages of raising capital and the joining of investors.

The Beginning of the Process.  The firm counsels entrepreneurs and is involved in founders agreements, outlining of employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), finders agreements, initial capital raising, incubator agreements and other matters applicable when founding a high-tech company.

Ongoing Counseling. Corporate clients receive ongoing counseling from the firm as required for day-to-day management of the corporation  and handles an array of agreements on behalf of the client, including confidentiality agreements, development and manufacturing agreements (such as OEM, licensing and other agreements), and various sales and marketing agreements (distribution, agency, VAR and more).

Capital Raising and Acquisitions. The firm handles issues involving capital raising and implementation of due diligence inquiries, investment agreements, mergers and acquisitions, contracts with strategic partners, joint ventures and more. Our team is well experienced in control transfers and sale of high-tech companies (M&A, Asset Purchase Agreements). 

Intellectual Property and Technology. The firm also offers legal counseling in the field of intellectual property in connection with technology and intellectual property transfer (IP Transfer) transactions, license agreements, protection of trade secrets, transfer of knowhow, registration of trademarks and designs and  infringement of intellectual property rights.

Government Grants and Transfer of Knowledge. Our firm is involved in matters associated with governmental grants, such as agreements with the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) and incubator agreements, and deals with transfer of knowledge and IP originating from the academia.

International Agreements and Foreign Clients. Assistance is offered by the firm in conducting negotiations and drafting of various agreements on behalf of our clients with international entities, whether   as shareholders, partners, suppliers and/or customers. The firm represents foreign clients doing business in Israel, including in connection with the purchase and acquisition of Israeli companies. The firm also assists in connecting clients to professional advisors abroad such as lawyers and accountants. Our team regularly works in Hebrew, English, French and Russian.