Netanyahu victory in Israel’s election means the end of illusions about a Palestinian state

By Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer


With his victory, Israel now appears headed toward the effective creation of one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean — a state in which Palestinian Arabs will outnumber the Jewish population.

Either Israel then grants Palestinians the vote, creating a binational state, or it rules over a majority of mostly disenfranchised Arabs. Even Israeli leaders have referred to this prospect as a form of “apartheid.”

This is the road down which Netanyahu appears to be heading, confident of the support of President Trump,

For the past three decades, Israel hewed in principle to the idea of a peace process that would ultimately result in two states, one Palestinian, one Israeli, living side by side. The peace process has been frozen for years and the Israeli public soured on it after Palestinian terrorist attacks in the 2000s and the Hamas takeover of Gaza.

Over the past several years, however, Israel under Netanyahu had practiced a kind of creeping annexation, legalizing one-time “illegal” settlements on private Palestinian land. and extending Israeli sovereignty over aspects of settlers’ education and economy on the West Bank.

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